purveyors of immersion

SINCE 2013 We are Fox Jump Cinematics, a creative force for lovers.

Our broad brush strokes draw out the moments & memories like any other video pro. Where we differ is in the detail. As with the binding of two hearts, it’s not always the grand gesture, but the tiniest moments that shape an abiding love. Curating & cultivating a story behind the lens means understanding that its complexities go beyond pressing the record button. We are students of interaction, suckers for romance, and endlessly tinkering with ways to convey the ultimate commitment on screen. To confess, we don’t strive to be everyone’s choice. Just as you are searching for professionals who click with your style and grasp your unique love, we work with couples committed to one another without condition.

Featured Films

Crafting the unique without hurry, and without compromise. These are a sampling of our recent visual narratives.