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Our broad brush strokes draw out the moments & memories like any other wedding videographer. Where we differ is in the detail. As with the binding of two hearts, it’s not always the grand gesture, but the tiniest moments that shape an abiding love. Curating & cultivating a story behind the lens means understanding that its complexities go beyond pressing the record button. We are students of interaction, suckers for romance, and endlessly tinkering with ways to convey the ultimate commitment on screen. To confess, we don’t strive to be everyone’s choice. Just as you are searching for professionals who click with your style and grasp your unique love, we work with couples committed to one another without condition.

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Punctuality, professionalism and personality were all 150% with Fox Jump Cinematics! Colton and Jessa were so kind and hilarious, we are so grateful that they were totally down for our weirdness and shenanigans and even joined in every now and again! They were my absolute favorite to work with on my wedding day and my husband is at work but I know he would agree with me completely. We got a sneak peek of our video and we are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. Not only is this team and absolute breeze to work with but they are complete pros at what they do; it is truly an art. I wish we could get married again just to be able to work with Fox Jump one more time! You better book them before they are completely booked for the next ten years… YES they are that good! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, you two for making our wedding day that much easier and for giving us the perfect memories for the best day of our lives!!

Kaylee H-Bakersfield, California

Colton and Jessa did such an amazing job! Everything we were hoping for and more in our wedding video. We’ve watched our video thousands of times and each time it reminds us how beautiful our day was. They captured everything perfectly! Mitch T~Orcutt, California

My new husband and I won a Holiday giveaway offered by Fox Jump…we were soooo excited!!!!! We always thought about having a videographer capture our day, but in reality it was not in our budget. From the very beginning of working with Colton and Trevor, they were warm, professional, and easy to communicate with. We could not believe how generous of a gift they were gladly giving us. They were out at the venue the day before the wedding scouting out the perfect locations, meeting and mingling with our friends and family (turns out they knew some of the bridal party and we were having a blast hanging out), and they even arrived the day of the wedding bright and early in the morning before myself and anyone else evn got there ready and excited to get started. These guys are dedicated and the most hard working. They care about their clients and will absolutely go the extra mile. They also worked fantastically well with our photographer; they were always collaborating with what shots to get and it was a great display of teamwork. After the wedding, they released 3 sneak peaks of our wedding film and it had us on the edge of our seat wanting more each time!! When the full video was revealed, my husband and I (and our friends and families) were in awe. They perfectly captured our most special day and I still am not able to watch it without sobbing haha. Colton and Trevor truly were a joy to work with, and we cannot recommend them enough!!!!! We are so thankful to have this amazing gift to be able to look back on for the rest of our lives!!! Fox Jump Cinematics are the best!!!! Jenna B~San Luis Obispo, California

The best decision my wife and I made for our wedding was to hire Trevor and Colton of Fox Jump Cinematics (FJC) as our videographer. They were very respectful, courteous, hard-working, punctual, and very fun to work with. We recently received our wedding video, and were amazed at how they were able to capture all the key moments of our wedding day. We will cherish and treasure this video for life. If you are in search of a a professional team, with excellent quality results, and amazing customer service, FJC is hands down the best choice! Stephen K~Pismo Beach, California

Colton and his team from Fox Jump Cinematics are truly amazing artists. We recently received our wedding video and could not be happier. It’s perfect and brought us to tears. They really listened to our vision and the moments we wanted captured on the video. They went to the venue the day prior to the wedding to map out the shots they wanted. We were really impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and fun energy. They collaborated and coordinated very well with our outside photographers also. We can’t thank Fox Jump Cinematics enough for beautifully capturing our wedding day! This video will be a treasure in our lives forever. Salina M~Paso Robles, California

Book these guys! They truly captured the essence of our wedding day, giving us the keepsake of a lifetime! In the midst of planning a wedding and working with a ton of vendors, these guys were a dream. They communicated clearly from the get go and were EVERYWHERE we needed them to be on our wedding day. They produced the video quickly and made the requested edits in less than a week. We have the PERFECT video that we will cherish forever! Thank you so much, Trevor and Fox Jump! Sarah H~San Luis Obispo, California

To think, we almost didn’t have a videographer for our wedding! I can’t imagine because, after watching the video, this was the best last-minute decision we have ever made, hands down! Watching the video the first time was so very special. Colton was able to zone in on our vibe as a couple and create this video that so beautifully captures not only the day, but our relationship. He was able to touch on a personal level that we were just not expecting. To say that we were pleasantly surprised is a huge understatement. As mentioned before, we hired Fox Jump Cinematics last minute (like two weeks before the wedding), so it’s very impressive that FJC was able to put together such an intimate and personal video with just a small amount of time being spent with us. I also want to add that having a camera in your face all day isn’t usually the most comfortable feeling, but Colton made me feel at ease and I soon forgot the camera was even there (my bridesmaids felt the same way). That is skill! Having this video is truly special and I am so very thankful to Fox Jump Cinematics.

Jackie F~San Luis Obispo, California

We were a couple months out of our wedding and still couldn’t find an affordable videographer that also matched the stye we were looking for. That was until we met Trevor and Colton with their business Fox Jump. Not only are they fairly priced, their quality and professionalism is excellent. They put together for us a short video (to post of social media) as well as a longer 30 minute video to send our families. We also were able to get the raw footage so that we may have all the moments from our wedding that maybe weren’t in the highlight reel. I am very thankful that we chose Fox Jump for our big day. CHOOSE FOX JUMP FOR YOUR WEDDING! I promise you won’t regret it.

Arianna L~Huasna, California

Avoid one of the biggest regrets you will have trying to look back at your wedding: GET a VIDEOGRAPHER!! Fox Jump Cinematics are the exact guys you want making your wedding video. Both Trevor and Colton were easy going, funny, and professional. They were easy to coordinate with and book prior to the event. We watched so many videographers trying to find the right one. Most of videos had us scratching our heads, and at one point we thought we may not have a video. Once we saw FJC’s video we knew instantly that we loved their work. There is the anxiety of waiting that comes with inquiring to a vendor that you really love. That anxiety lasted about 15 minutes because they were so responsive! We went over specifics that we liked in their previous videos, and gave them some items that were important to us. I never once had an issue getting in contact with them, normally receiving a reply within 10 minutes. The day of the wedding we barely noticed them as they integrated with our photographer seamlessly. They were funny, easy going, and made us feel comfortable even though we aren’t used to being in front of cameras. If you thought that you would enjoy remembering your wedding day only through pictures you are right, you will. But something about watching a video brings back so many details that become fuzzy just a week after the wedding. Our families all cried (happy tears) watching the video, it puts you right back in the moment of the day. Please do yourself a favor, book these guys now, you will thank yourself and them after you see the video! Dustin G~Santa Margarita, California

My husband and I almost weren’t going to have a videographer, but now I cannot imagine our day without this video to look back on. You can see the hard work and detail put into it. We even enjoyed the process with them along the way. As a bride, I really liked the fact that I didn’t feel pressured to book them after meeting them but I already knew just by having coffee and getting to know each other that Fox Jump Cinematics was the best choice for us. They were so involved and I could tell they truly wanted what was best for us. The fine details captured in our video really brought the day to life. The music choice was absolutely perfect. Watching our video, still brings tears to my eyes, there was nothing that could have been done better. This video captures everyone’s hearts and you can really feel the emotions from the day. I told them I wanted something I can show to our children one day just like how I loved watching the video from my parents wedding. We are so proud and thankful for this video and I cannot wait to share with our own children one day. Thank you again Colton & Trevor and the rest of the crew completing our big day with your incredible work!

Carissa C~Buellton, California

My husband and I were very back and forth about whether or not to do a wedding video. The financial burden of a wedding can be straining, but we decided it would be worth it in the long run! We are SO THANKFUL that we found Fox Jump Cinematics! Colton and Trevor were a pleasure to work with, and their work speaks for itself! Their creativity made our video so amazing!! They captured everything we wanted and so much more! We laughed and cried all over again watching it. Please do not even hesitate to hire them, their work is truly beautiful 🙂 FIVE STARS for an all around great experience!

Nicole B~Paso Robles, California

Oh my gosh where to even begin on how INCREDIBLY AMAZING Colton and his team was on our magical day! Hands down I will say hiring them is an absolute must in wedding planning and budget! Colton caught the most amazing moments at our wedding and pieces everything together so beautifully that I honestly can’t get enough of, I remember the day I got our video I probably watched it over 10 times that day! Not only were they fun to work with but they give you the confidence in enjoying that special day and not needing to worry about a thing, this team know what they’re doing and will take care of everything in capturing this day that is unforgettable!! I love them so much and can’t wait for another opportunity to work with them as our family grows! You guys rock, THANK YOU!!

Katie A~Nipomo, California

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Selecting Fox Jump Cinematics was truly one of the best decisions we made regarding our wedding. Colton so perfectly captured the fun, joy, and love from our wedding day! Every bride runs through those “what if” moments a thousand times before her big day but Colton put those fears to rest as soon as he arrived. He brought such a calm and supportive vibe with him and when you’re a bride on the day of your wedding, it makes all the difference. I could not have asked for a better videographer to capture my forever…. Even though they were located in San Luis Obispo, CA and we were in Salt Lake City, UT, Colton was so effortless and enjoyable to work with! From the initial emails and phone conversations, to the day of our wedding, to the final footage and package, everything was so organized and professional. After receiving our highlight film, I shared the link on my Facebook so all of our guests would be able to see the video as well. I received comments, texts, and calls from not only our wedding guests, but a number of other individuals remarking on how beautiful the film turned out and how unexpectedly emotional they became while watching it (all of the feels is a real thing with Fox-Jump Cinematics). One of the things I cherish most about the video is being able to see so many of the amazing reactions and interactions of our guests that I would never have seen without the footage. Colton truly portrayed the essence of our day – from start to finish. Every time I get that “I wish we could do our wedding again” feeling, I re-watch our video I am completely transported back to the happiest day of our lives. I am so grateful for the Colton and his team and would highly recommend them to any couple in search of a gorgeous and authentic wedding film.

Whitney C~Salt Lake City, Utah

I have nothing but the highest of praise for Colton and Trevor and Fox Jump Cinematics. They are incredible wedding videographers and wonderful people to work with. Both Colton and Trevor are professional, responsive, and incredibly talented — as is evident by their sample media above. Just take a look at our video — they took a general idea and theme and created a spectacular piece of art that captured the essence of our big day. I couldn’t be happier with the product. Thanks Colton and Trevor. I highly recommend this vendor.

Michael H~San Luis Obispo, California

WOW what can I say about this company and the talented videoaghraper….. Colton Duncan did an amazing job on my Daughters Wedding Video. I cried tears of joy as I watched the love and precious moments he captured on film. Being the Mother of the bride and working so hard to make sure My Daughters day went smooth and as perfect as it could, I may have missed a lot of special moments had it not been for Colton and his wonderful work…. We now have a video of all those moments to cherish forever! Do yourself a favor on your special day hire these guys and have peace of mind that no matter what your role of the day you will not miss anything and you will have cherished memories on video forever more. Thank you guys from the very depths of my sole , I could not be happier….. you are the best! I WILL USE your services again. Jeannette H~Salt Lake City, Utah

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