10 Tips

for a better


Wedding Film

I. Find the videographers

YOU love.

Choosing a wedding film production company is kind of like getting a tattoo. For one, you usually get what you pay for; Two, you want to choose the artist that fits your style, and your vibe (you’ll have this film for the rest of your life); and Three, make sure you love who you’re working with.

You want to be comfortable with your team and confident they’ll deliver on their promises; maybe even exceed your expectations. Find someone who you feel like you could be friends with, aside from your wedding party, they’re with you from start to finish.

Quality and peace of mind are the key components in choosing a wedding film professional. Know, when you’re choosing who’s right for you, that they’re going to take the utmost care in the work product and do their very best to minimize stress during the wedding day. You have enough to worry about. You’re getting married!

II. Give your video team time,

to perfect your story.

During a wedding, time can be the number one enemy, especially when it comes to photo and video. Try to ensure your photography team and your videography team have enough time to capture the story of your most important day. Extra time can be anything from slightly more time once the dress is on, to ample time at the sunset session, to allowing proper setup time for toasts and dances.  You won’t regret it. Trust us😊

Your video and photo team, if proficient at their craft, shouldn’t need too much time, but it’s always nice to be courteous and allow them the tools they need to create a beautiful masterpiece for you and yours. Time is undoubtedly one of those tools. For the most effective way to give your teams the time they need, feel free to let them in on the timeline of the wedding. We’re always happy to make suggestions.

Don’t forget to relax, have fun, and to enjoy the ride. You’ll want to savor every moment of your wedding day.

III. Photography & Videography Team Work.

This one’s super simple. Make sure your photography team and videography team work together. We may have our own respective businesses but when it comes down to it, the day of your wedding, we’re not team (Insert Random Photo/Video Company Here), we’re team “Bride and Groom.” And we’re here to tell YOUR story and capture YOUR day.

Often, Videographers and Photographers work together and have worked together previously, to achieve outstanding results. So it’s rare that you’ll find teams that don’t work well together, but it can happen. We suggest, when talking to your photo and/or video team, that you let them know that overall coverage is important to you and that you’d love for us all to work together to achieve that goal.

Video and photo can/do/often work REALLY well together, and it’s a good idea that both your photography team and your videography team know how to do so.

IV. Clean-ish 

Bridal/Groom Suite

“A clean home is a happy home,” or in this case, “…a happy Wedding Film.” 

We know that bridal/groom suites can get messy. There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of friends and family, we totally get it! With that being said, we strongly recommend letting everyone in your party know that, during bridal/groom prep, there will be photographers and videographers capturing the “getting ready” portion of the day and an organized room looks SO MUCH BETTER on camera than a DIRTY ONE.

This is easily rectified by making sure your respective parties know to try to keep their belongings in one or two central locations, as to not have to/need to be moved later, as it may be in the shot(s). 

We totally get that no one is perfect (we’re often messy ourselves from time to time haha) but just the awareness of trying to maintain a clean and organized bridal/groom prep area can help with your imagery TREMENDOUSLY.

V. Wedding day prep

tells a better story.

Again, this one’s easy. Having us there to capture the “getting ready” shots really helps tell the overall story of your day. Every story needs a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and an END. The Bridal/Groom prep is the BEGINNING.

VI. First Look?

Yes, please!

Having a first look accomplishes three things:

1. You get a private moment to see your soon-to-be spouse for the first time. There’s less pressure to react a certain way, and there are fewer eyes on you if you happen to “lose it” with emotion (which often happens haha). We (photographers and videographers) want you to be completely comfortable when you see your Bride/Groom all “Lookin their best” for the first time. This is your person. Something amazing is about to happen.

2. As stated earlier, time is our friend, and we want as much as possible. Having a first look can give us that. You both have now seen each other, typically well before the ceremony, and therefore can now spend some additional time taking photos and/or doing some super fun video shots.

3. Now, this is mainly for us, but having a first look truly helps the story of your day. It can be such an emotional moment within the film that we always try to stress it. A good story has peaks and valleys to help elicit emotion. Having a first look in your film creates a storytelling PEAK that’s so fun for the viewer to come down from.

         Still not feeling a First Look? . . .

                                                                                                         Try a First Touch instead!


VII. Fewer locations mean

more time with you!

Again, another simple tip, having fewer locations to travel to means more time with the couple. And again, time is of the utmost importance at a wedding.

Also, you should spend time enjoying your wedding. Traveling too much can take away from that. Any kind of unwanted stress, we want you to avoid so you both can share your love on this magical day. 

Obviously sometimes this can’t be helped and that’s 100% fine. But as far as tips for creating a better Cinematic Wedding Film, we thought it necessary to add. 

VIII. Speak from the heart.

We always recommend writing your own vows and/or writing love letters to one another. This can mean a great deal when piecing together the story of YOU.

We, as cinematic storytellers, want to tell the best possible version of your story. Writing your own vows gives us a glimpse of that and tells us what you truly mean to one another. Love letters do the same.

Love letters before the ceremony are great because it’s just you and the letter. No audience. No officiant. Just you and the words of your soon-to-be. And the raw emotion that can come from that is absolutely incredible. And it makes for the very best stories.

IX. Sunset shots =

Gorgeous Film.

There’s a moment before the sun has completely set over the hills, the mountains, the ocean, or the city skyline that provides some of the most breathtaking light you’ve ever seen. It takes place about an hour to an hour and a half before that sun disappears and it’s truly magical. Capturing your love, after the you’ve said your vows, after you’ve hugged your family and friends, after you’ve had a moment to realize, “Wow, we’re married,” is truly something remarkable. 

For us, it means having that moment to include in your story. It means completing your film with an aesthetically pleasing “cherry on top.” It’s the last piece of the puzzle that makes your story perfect. So it’s no surprise that when we request “sunset shots,” there’s inspired motive.

X. Be yourself.

This is without a doubt, the most important tip. Be-your-self.

Just as you are looking for the right videographers that mesh with your personality, we as videographers are always looking for the couples that mesh with ours.

We love a good love story and we love our couples. Wedding videography is a tough job but it’s the couples that make this the BEST job in the world.

Have fun. Be fun. Don’t worry about making the perfect pose, at least for video, we love that movement. We love the laughing and the goofy and the fun. We love, love and want you to be together in your love.

We want to know you, we want to know what makes you both tick, we want to know why you are the way you are, we want to tell your story. Letting us into your personality just enhances that. And in return, we’ll obviously welcome you to get to know ours.

We said earlier that, aside from your wedding party, we’re with you at the beginning; journeying through the middle, and finishing strong at the end. Getting to know who you both are, makes the journey that much better.