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Since I was young, I’ve always loved the night. It’s my FAVORITE time of day and in my opinion, the most romantic. I’ve heard that one should fear the Darkness, but I never understood why; as that’s where I’ve felt most comfortable. It’s where I’ve felt most creative; It’s where I’ve felt the most at-ease; And honestly, It’s where I’ve felt the most like me.

Think about it…the best stuff happens in the dark. Best time to go to Disneyland? At night. Nothing like walking down Main Street USA in the dark. Best time to see the stars? At night? Best time to see a candle? In the dark? Best time to see a Christmas light? At night. I feel like my best work happens after the sun’s gone down.

But Darkness is more than just a time of day. It can be an art form; It can be a color; it can be a shade of color. It can be a thematic tone; it can be a personality; It can be, really, anything you want it to be.

I’ve always felt that, as long as there’s a little light, the Darkness can be the most beautiful, most romantic thing in which to immerse yourself.

I learned a new word today: Nyctophilia. According to the internet, it means, “An attraction to darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.” Assuming that is correct, I think this is a great word that describes a small part of our personality that makes us, well…us.

In honor of learning this fun new word. Here’s a fun little reel of some night footage we love.

Jessa & Colton
Fox Jump Cinematics