Our Story

It may sound silly, but since childhood we’ve been captivated by the sensory treat of amusement parks — in particular Disneyland. The smells & sights, the nostalgia, and the singular feeling that you’ve entered a whole other world. It’s behind the camera that we’re able to enter that same ethereal world, shaping and creating with that truest feeling of immersion we held so dear as children. Even more than wanting to tell a great story on film, we pick up our cameras every day lucky enough to share yours.

When we met, both of us were working at Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach California. Jessa was a hostess (and a damn good one), and I was a server.

We hit it off over a mutual disdain for the movie Jurassic World. Now that’s not to say it was a bad movie per se, but Jessa didn’t like that Claire was able to run away from the T-Rex in high-heels, and I didn’t like that it never rains during the entire movie. ALL THE SCARIEST PARTS FROM THE OLD MOVIES HAPPEN IN THE RAIN!

Anyway…after mutually nerd-ing out over our shared interest in Film, Photography, and a minor disagreement over a specific comic book, we became pretty close.

Fast-Forward sometime later, to my birthday. Jessa sends me a “Happy Birthday” message on Facebook (I was so stoked). We’re not working together at Ventana Grill at this point, but I remembered how awesome she was and how-well-gorgeous she was (still totally is). With my confidence heightened by a little whiskey, I asked her to Coffee. She says yes. We go to coffee, we had a blast, and the rest is…Okay, well…way too long to put on our “About Us,” page.

Without going into too much detail about how we got started filming weddings, we’d like to share why we continue to capture weddings.

The short answer: They’re fun! Feeding off the energy that takes place during a wedding is such a rush. We thrive off it, and the realization that we’re doing something vital for you and your family. I mean, we’re a part of creating something your grandchildren are going to view in the future, and that’s so neat.

As stated earlier, we love Disney and all things thereof. We don’t try to emulate Disney per se; however, we most certainly take inspiration from the way Disney’s ability to capitalize on Nostalgia. We’re suckers for Nostalgia. That’s also what drives us…the desire to make the viewer feel something magical.

We’re looking for couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Who aren’t afraid to tell more than just a story about how they exchanged vows one day. We want to create an heirloom that lasts long after you’ve driven off in the “just married” mobile. We want to tell the story about YOU and YOURS.

Colton Duncan