Jennifer & Brett

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It’s no secret. Love follows innumerable forms. It doesn’t always beg for grandiosity. Nowhere is it written that love is compelled to shout itself from rooftops. After all, love is the richest when concentrated. When it’s between just two souls, two beating hearts; to entwine the spirits for whom the story is written. It’s safe to say… even a close-knit love can reach the stars.

On May 4, 2019, Jennifer & Brett exchanged vows, each intoning, “…I love you to the moon and back.” These incomparably sweet pair were married in the Vosseller family’s backyard in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Beloved Coordination. Jennifer’s Moondance Bridal gown was stunning – intricately detailed with woven lace. The dress was complemented by a beautifully beaded belt from Untamed Petals; with shoes by Bagley Mischka.

Bridesmaid makeup was crafted by Amanda Nicole Miller of Twig & Arrow Salon.

The backyard event was no less lovely and earnest than a formal venue. The setting lent an intimate vibe enriched by polished rustic, earthy stylings – a big reason for which was showings by All About Event Rentals and florals by Flowers by Kim, the latter of whom has volumes of experience and is renowned on the Central Coast. Paige Weller provided the lovely calligraphy. A little violin and guitar added the musical trimmings to the ceremony.

Felisha Connolly was the lovely and talented wedding photographer. A close friend of Jennifer’s, she was warm and deeply attentive to detail. We loved her!

Because of its centralized location amid some of California’s preeminent wine appellations, the ceremony featured a break so guests, family, and friends could take in a little tasting! Such a nice touch, and a great reminder that sometimes we take for granted what a paradise we live in. On the other hand, these folks didn’t take it for granted at all. They took advantage of it! Coupled with wonderful catering by Zest it Up, guests didn’t want for a thing.

A decidedly family affair, the ceremony featured a number of contributions from the youngsters—the two boys acting as ring bearers were the officiant’s sons; the flower girl was Jennifer’s adorable niece. Speaking of the officiant, Mr. Othman was a long-time close friend of the family and his shepherding of the ceremony was deeply personal to Jennifer & Brett.

Of course, no wedding is a wedding if it’s not a party. And it’s definitely a party when the man, the myth, the legend himself is on hand. Personally responsible for more damaged dance floors and risen roofs than almost anyone on the Central Coast, DJ Bob, his lustrous lights and swanky new rig were on the scene. No, that’s not accurate. He brought the scene!

And what’s a party without bar services by Bottles & Ice and dessert by Sugar Lips! For those in need of a dessert dealer–and an undaunted desire to OD in doughnut decadence, look no further. Their mobile service has led us to the conclusion that heaven can be eaten.

“I Love You To The Moon & Back”. This deeply touching catchphrase by Jennifer & Brett—engraved inside Brett’s Baxter Moerman wedding band—symbolizes more than just the vast distance their love will reach. It’s a touching gesture that will carry their relationship even when they’re apart. After all, if they need reassurance, they need only look up.

Kirsten & Adam

Fox Jump Cinematics is a Wedding Videography Company. We specialize in Central California and Destination Weddings. Contact us HERE.

A day twelve years in the making! For these two Cal Poly graduates, Kirsten & Adam came full-circle to exchange vows and embark on a new chapter in the same place where Kirsten’s “Adammelker” insta-crush touched off a genuine love-at-first-sight story. We spent this magical day at Flying Caballos Ranch in the ever-professional care of Amanda Holder Events.

The beauty of Flying Caballos is otherworldly. With one of the Seven Sisters (dormant volcanoes) perched in the background, the venue is pure postcard for California’s Central Coast. What better place to team up with our frequent collaborator and co-conspirator, cinematographer Alexander Bissell.

Staying behind the camera a moment, we were also privileged to work with the talented and wonderful Shannon McMillan of the eponymous Shannon McMillan Photography. She was a breeze, fast-working and intensely professional.

Many of the usual suspects of a backyard-SLO family affair were in evidence among the wedding vendors, with All About Events supplying rentals. The understated class and beauty of Lori Boe Floral Design touched all corners of the hillside event. Fête & Quill were our pros responsible for calligraphy, stationery, and signage. Love their work! Arroyo Grande’s highly sought-after Flora + Fauna Fine Food—one of our all-time favorites—catered to perfection. Epic Entertainment was on-hand with Chris on the mic; he had his work cut out during the light show that went off as the dance floor was jumping.

Lots of wisdom floating around this wedding, none more so than during the toasts. We hear a lot of toasts, and something about this wedding resonates within the soul, in that place where love is cultivated. It seemed like everyone who spoke had their own unique understanding, an inherent idea of what love requires to become ever-lasting. The advice, the anecdotes and the life experiences were all deep and direct. Kirsten & Adam were indeed surrounded by people with a vested interest in the success of soul mates.

These two radiate love for one another. Exhibit A: we’ll leave you with a snippet from their tear-jerking reading as spoken by one of their dearest friends: “These are the hands of your best friend – young and strong and full of love for you…holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow and forever.” Well said

Kasey & Brandon

Fox Jump Cinematics is a Wedding Videography Company. We specialize in Central California and Destination Weddings. Contact us HERE.

It’s March 30th, 2019 — the dawning of another beautiful Saturday finds us at lovely Pepper Tree Ranch with Kasey & Brandon. The placid waters of the ceremony pond, its happy little bobbing waterfowl, the dangle of handmade glass on the ever-present Price Canyon ocean breeze — all symbols of a day where everything fit together just-so.

We’ve come to expect nothing less with an Amanda Holder Events wedding. The coordination, planning and team support are built around a total commitment to their couple, their guests, vendors, and venue. We find ourselves incredibly fortunate each time we have the opportunity to play with the best.

Kasey and her bridesmaids prepared for the big stage at her family’s vacation home. Brandon’s arrival thereafter gave way to the sweetest first look on the stairs.

This was an event with an incredible amount of preparation made by an enormous family effort. A stunning wall of glass made by Kasey’s mom, handsome woodwork crafted by Kasey’s dad. Even the runway to the altar was draped in ornate handwoven rugs reclaimed from her grandparents’ attic. Did we mention the homemade Limoncello the family made for their wedding guests? What a spectacular gesture!

In a unique twist, Kasey & Brandon’s photographer — James Brian Studios — was none other than Kasey’s parents’ photographer when her folks were married!

Hair and makeup was provided by the highly experienced team of Brit Tarr & Skyler at BlueBird Salon. Flora and Fauna Fine Food handled the catering. Gorgeous dessert/doughnuts baked by Sugar Lips. Music was another great showing by Come Alive Entertainment; and his band Moonshiner Collective, whose generosity permitted us a song feature in Kasey & Brandon’s video. Floral arrangements standing proudly on a stiff breeze — Fluid Bloom Floral Design. All About Events supplied the rentals. 

Kasey’s dress was a Theia piece. And the dress retailer was Moondance Bridal.

Fox Jump Cinematics wishes all the best to Kasey & Brandon. The couple, the family and the day were of singular beauty!

Karina & Sergey

Fox Jump Cinematics is a Wedding Videography Company. We specialize in Central California and Destination Weddings. Contact us HERE.

Karina and Sergey tied the knot on a beautiful day in San Luis Obispo County, Pismo Beach, California on the cliffs at Shorecliff Hotel and orchestrated by Ventana Grill. The bright blue skies and exquisite views of the glassy transfixing ocean made for a delightful backdrop. The combined efforts and talents of each and every vendor made for a, seemingly perfect, wedding day.

As mentioned, The Shore Cliff Hotel was a fantastic location for the couple to exchange their vows in front of the extravagant floral arch filled with pink arrangements made by Blake of Bella Florist.

The ceremony had heartfelt touches, including a ribbon tribute to those who have passed and could not be there to celebrate; it was an incredible sight to see everyone come together as they did to honor those who’ve been lost.

Kitty of Yes I Do did a phenomenal job officiating the ceremony. She knew just what to say to encapsulate the love these two shared.

Amber Lynn Photography captured stunning photos that the newlyweds will cherish forever. Colton and Jessa of Fox Jump Cinematics documented the entirety of Karina and Sergey’s wedding, from the bride getting ready to the lively dancing at the reception.

The bride looked gorgeous in her Martina Liana bridal gown with the cascading floral design and pearl detailing. Karla and Tania of Glam Crew ensured that the bride’s makeup was always on-point by doing touch-ups throughout the evening. Tony of Hair by Tony did an excellent job with Karina’s hair. The bride’s regal look was complete with a diamond-studded crown that glistened and was sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Folk-Pop artist Joseph Eid graced the guests with his musical stylings at the ceremony and reception.

Barnwood Event Rentals completed the ambiance of Ventana Grill, which was an incredible venue for the reception. The food and bar service was catered by Ventana Grill and amazed the guests. Ventana Grill’s wedding coordination team ensured a seamless evening, with many fun activities for the guests to enjoy.

The dessert from Orcutt Bakery did not disappoint, including a beautiful champagne-colored wedding cake as the centerpiece.

Luke of About Faces Entertainment drew fantastic caricatures for the guests in attendance.

Epic Entertainment provided a fun photo booth for instant memorabilia that guests could take home to remember the evening.

Karina performed an outstanding dance number for her husband in another show-stopping Martin Aliana bridal dress. Her many practices in Santa Barbara surely paid off, which led to everyone jumping onto the dance floor when she finished.

Mike of Epic Entertainment kept the crowd dancing all night long with fun music for everyone to enjoy! Karina and Sergey sure know how to throw a party that all those in attendance will remember.

Jessica & Glenn Teaser I

Fox Jump Cinematics is a Wedding Videography Company. We specialize in Central California and Destination Weddings. Contact us here: Fox Jump Cinematics

We journey to the 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos. Set amid quintessential Central Coast sprawling oaks and rolling golden plains, the town of Los Alamos is a postcard from the stagecoach era. The hotel’s owners and operators have done wonders giving the hotel a dual vibe — one that’s impossible to imagine without feasting eyes upon. Part saloon, part rustic chic, it’s a place to lose yourself in western enchantment without getting your shoes dusty.

I know I say this a lot — we adored this couple. Sweet and filled with His presence, Jessica & Glenn showed us a graciousness that we’ll not soon forget. Even at the end of his whirlwind day, Glenn bid us goodbye with a hug of such enthusiasm and warmth, I was left very nearly awestruck.

1880 Union Hotel runs its weddings program mostly in-house. Its coordination by Jessica, as well as catering & bar service, were staffed and executed proficiently. They’ve done countless of these events, but manage to adorn each with a decidedly unique touch.

Jessica loves the colors of fall — who doesn’t? As it happens, her burgundy, blue, pinks and fall tones offered a splendid compliment to the Union itself as well as its lovely grounds. Huge praise is further deserved by Christina Welsh Floral, whose arrangements were breathtaking.

The girls had hair and makeup done by Fairytale Hair & Makeup, a company operating all over the west; and one that lives up to its reputation for making clients look like fairytale princesses lifted from the imagination.

Jessica’s dress was by Allure Bridals. It loved the camera! What a stunning, classical gown and a perfect compliment to the fairytale motif. Her bridesmaids wore TFNC London. Quite lovely as well!

Jewelry was provided by Shreve & Co., and the weddings rings were crafted by James Allen Rings.

Entertainment was DJ Rob with Epic Entertainment. A solid brand with a solid reputation, Rob was instrumental (sorry for the pun) in keeping the dance floor hopping well into the night.

Desserts crafted for the sugary dance floor supercharge came to us from Little Things Bakery of Santa Barbara.

The day’s officiant was family friend, Brad Erickson. His personal mentorship of Jessica & Glen was deeply felt as he wove the spiritual (and legal) bonds of matrimony in a lovely ceremony.

If I’ve left the photography team of Staci & Michael Photography until last, it’s because I want to make special note of their professionalism and creativity. We not only so look forward to working with them again, but I can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed feeding off their skill and attention to detail. It also bears mention that because of a tightly run schedule, we were afforded the opportunity to come up with some additional cinematic magic that did wonders to enhance this couple’s romance. Big thanks to Stacy & Michael Photography for their fluidity in the field!

Jessica & Glenn exude an earnestness and idealism that we find in short supply these days. Their joined love is just as energetic as its individual parts. They were excited to be there. Excited for their union, and eager for the promise of a future entwined as partners in matrimony. We can’t thank them enough for — in one day — reminding us to continually cherish life’s most important gifts.

Amy & Garrett

Fox Jump Cinematics is a Wedding Videography Company. We specialize in Central California and Destination Weddings. Contact us here.

We journey to the incomparable Oyster Ridge in Santa Margarita. The wedding of Amy & Garrett was orchestrated and executed to perfection by I Do Events. Anyone who operates wedding-related businesses on the Central Coast understands the challenges of rainy season events. It’s the mark of the truly professional wedding planner who plays well with inclement weather.

Perhaps it’s fitting that Amy & Garrett’s colors evoke the sultry tones of a Central Coast fall/winter. Beautiful deep reds, oranges and blue. Those hints of turning seasons were in perfect balance with the lazy rainstorm that swept through as the day unfolded. This was indeed a wedding meticulously planned to weather any storm. Much the same could be said for Amy & Garrett who were utterly surrounded by the warmth and grace of a truly loving family.

We had a great time working the couple’s photographer, Danielle Honea, and her second, Loriana. Danielle was fluid and adaptable, and our two teams enjoyed the freedom to tap into our full creative palette without worrying about any toe-stepping.

Catering was supplied by Bear & The Wren – a wood-fired catering company quickly establishing itself as a go-to for polished rustic events on the Central Coast. I’ve seen these guys work in inclement weather in the past; nothing seems to phase them, nor diminish the quality of their divine fare! Dessert was provided by Éclair Bakery of Arroyo Grande, a long-time favorite for us locals.

We had All About Events to thank for the ambiance. Their rentals set a classy stage for the occasion. Elegant Limousine delivered the bride in chic style to her big day.

Enough cannot be said of the wearer-of-many-hats, Dan Cuccio of Moonshiner Collective. The special events arm of his musical empire is Come Alive Entertainment. If you poured chocolate into your ears – no, wait – if chocolate sounded as good as – hang on – audible chocolate. The man is audible chocolate. Yes, that sums it up pretty well. Now I’m hungry.

The Cheeky Parlor of SLO was responsible for beauty care and makeup. They’re relatively new to the scene but they do wonderful work. What’s more, they strive to use only eco-friendly, biodegradable, locally sourced hard wax and aftercare products. A huge part of why we trust them with our most sensitive bits.

Amy & Garrett’s officiant Sandy Wirick was a joy. She was deeply in touch with Amy & Garrett, as well as the relationship between them. Warm and personable, we sincerely appreciated her accommodating personality. She brought everyone a great deal closer by the end of the ceremony.

I can’t say enough about what a warm family and extended family we saw at Amy & Garrett’s wedding. Support is an important foundation for a successful marriage. The extent of support for this couple touched every corner of the aisle (and dance floor!). Each weekend, we spend precious little time getting to witness the bond of two people. It’s one thing to see a strong love between the two becoming one – but especially encouraging to see that love reflected in the faces of those with whom Amy & Garrett chose to spend their most important day.

Gladys & Colin

This Fall wedding in Paso Robles, California was an absolute fairytale, complete with a castle for a reception venue (Tooth & Nail Winery). From the flowers on the tables to the handwritten signs, everything was artfully crafted by the vendors to create this magical evening.

The couple, Gladys and Colin, showed what true love really is and that the distance between them is only a number. With a packed venue filled with friends and families from all stages of their lives to share the happiness that brought them together.

The couple was masterfully captured in time against a warm sunset and fall vineyard by Blake Andrews of SLOtography, giving them the iconic photos seen only in movies and dreams.

Colton and Jessa of Fox Jump Cinematics were with the couple from dusk till dawn, capturing the most beautiful and subtle details that were easily missed by most. They were able to combine heartfelt words and genuine emotion to tell the couple’s non-traditional love story. Fox Jump Cinematics was able to highlight the raw emotion of the first look between the bride and her father. It is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes!

Both the photography and videography teams surpassed all expectations and gave the couple cherished memories to relive and celebrate this day.

Rows of industrial-style tables that had a combination of dark wood with metal details lined the inside and outside of the castle. They were accented with simple, yet elegant white floral arrangements with greenery by Sandra Calicchio.

The bride herself incorporated the navy blue and gold theme when creating the programs and gift boxes for the guests, complete with M&M’s with pictures of the newlyweds on each one.

The grand staircase and large cathedral doors of Tooth and Nail created a unique ambiance for all those in attendance. The indoor and outdoor spaces of the venue were great options to have for the guests, as it allowed for both dancing and conversation. Mary Bruner of Tooth and Nail flawlessly coordinated the reception, combining her professionalism and her eye for detail.

Popolo Catering provided delicious appetizers, dinner, and dessert for the guests that were artfully crafted by their culinary team.

DJ Richard kept everyone of all ages on the dance floor and smoothly transitioned all of the night’s events.

November 10, 2018 was truly the perfect start to Gladys and Colin’s happily ever after. 

-Gladys Torkelsen (Bride)

Marisela & Niko Teaser I

We journey to the Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club for the wedding of Marisela & Niko!

All lovers have a calling card. A shared passion that resonates with anyone who meets them. These two share an affinity for our culture’s most cherished tales. From ancient mythology to modern; Westley and Buttercup to wizarding worlds; even over to a certain nether side of the Force.

And let me tell you, from the moment you meet them, it’s clear Marisela and Nico are writing the next great chapters of a love story entirely their own.

We began at Salon Envy in Visalia, California. It’s here where the magic of hair and makeup is still practiced like a high art form. Everyone loved the attention to detail and creativity of the talented Salon Envy staff.

We had the fortune of meeting, interacting with and working alongside Huitt Photography Studio, Tim Huitt. Amazing and kind, the guy was a class act. It’s always an absolute treat to thread the needle in film and photo with someone who is gracious and thoughtful toward his/her fellow vendor. That was Tim & his wife Sophie through and through —creative pros who handled themselves wonderfully.

What a picturesque venue. Sunny, cloud-streaked skies. Warm but not uncomfortable. Big lazy pillows of clouds spread out over the idyllic Ridge Creek course. We definitely cashed in a few favors with the weather gods who provided fantastic light and shadowy dimension for our pristine green backdrops.

We could hardly neglect to mention the highly capable wedding coordination. In the hands of Olga, the day sailed smoothly and seamlessly. Her staff was amazingly kind, and such a joy to work with.

For the fans of purple, this would have been the event for you! The entire spectrum was well represented, woven together through decor that was perched beautifully at the border of dreamy and sexy. Out of a fantastical realm, to be sure! That’s saying nothing of the awesome Vader, Stormtrooper cufflinks sported by Niko and his groomsmen.

Of course, no wedding really rocks without the right entertainment to keep the party going. That’s exactly what DJs Dave Roberts/Ken Richards of Mobile Sound Productions brought to the fun.

A few moments always stand out. Each wedding delivers one or two unique highlights that make us temporarily forget that this whole day is carefully orchestrated. Moments when reality slips away and we tiptoe into the ethereal.

One of these magical moments was the dance shared by Marisela and her father. It was startlingly clear that this man means so much to her — and that he had long ago been the first to capture her heart.

Okay, enough misty-eyed daydreaming! What kind of couple adorns their reception area with well-loved literary classics AND gives them away to their guests at the end of THEIR special day? Marisela and Nico! So much thought went into the decor, and such a special added touch was breathtaking. Like saying, “Share with us the stories that have help shape us, and you’ll begin to understand who this couple is!”

When we think about how these two met, how they knew right away that they had to occupy each other’s orbit, it’s not the least bit surprising that Marisela’s favorite literary work is The Princess Bride. At face value, the story’s a comically flighty romance. But dismiss it as such and you’ve missed the heart entirely. Its author, William Goldman, never pulled his punches. He’s brutally honest about life, love and the WORK of love. If that says something about the pragmatism and passion that you get from spending some quality time with Marisela and Nico, these two are a lock for lasting love.

Kristin & Eliott~8/18/18~Feature Film

We had such a blast filming this wedding. Everyone was laughing and having so much fun. I’ve never heard more jokes in one speech. Kristin’s Dad killed it…just awesome. It was just all around a wonderful experience and we’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to capture it. 

Venue: Avila Beach Resort

Plannin & Coordinating:  Lisa Muir

Groom Tux & Bridesmaids Dresses: Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear

Rentals: SLO Party Rentals

Floral: Elegant Details ~ Floral and Event Design

DJ: Muir Music DJ Service

Photography: Jake and Necia Photography

Cinematography: Fox Jump Cinematics

Hair & Makeup: Kindred: A Beauty Collective

Catering: Fire and Wine Catering

Bakery:  Bri’s Sweet Retreat

Heidi & Gordon~9/7/18~Teaser I

This was a sneak peak of a wedding we did not too long ago in Yosemite National Park. Heidi and Gordon, thank you for the wonderful opportunity. It was an honor to be a part of your day. Honestly was such a treat. It was the first time I had every been to Yosemite California and the trip did not disappoint. We had the opportunity to stay in a cute little inn, close to the venue, with trees everywhere. It reminded me a lot of Zion National Park but without all the red rock. Regardless, it was absolutely breathtaking and I hope to go again soon.

*Thank you to all the vendors that helped make our job easier. You’re all amazing, and we appreciate your hospitality. If I forget anyone, please let me know.

Vendor & catering: Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Makeup & Hair: Blush

Hair: Grace D & Jessie T Reed

Band: Lucky Devils Band

Ceremony Music: Eva ScowTom Scott

Photography: The Hearns Photography

Cakes and Flowers: Sweet Dreams Cakes & Flowers

Dress: Allure Bridals

Photobooth: Smiley Photo Booths

Videography: Fox Jump Cinematics