Marisela & Niko Teaser I

We journey to the Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club for the wedding of Marisela & Niko!

All lovers have a calling card. A shared passion that resonates with anyone who meets them. These two share an affinity for our culture’s most cherished tales. From ancient mythology to modern; Westley and Buttercup to wizarding worlds; even over to a certain nether side of the Force.

And let me tell you, from the moment you meet them, it’s clear Marisela and Nico are writing the next great chapters of a love story entirely their own.

We began at Salon Envy in Visalia, California. It’s here where the magic of hair and makeup is still practiced like a high art form. Everyone loved the attention to detail and creativity of the talented Salon Envy staff.

We had the fortune of meeting, interacting with and working alongside Huitt Photography Studio, Tim Huitt. Amazing and kind, the guy was a class act. It’s always an absolute treat to thread the needle in film and photo with someone who is gracious and thoughtful toward his/her fellow vendor. That was Tim & his wife Sophie through and through —creative pros who handled themselves wonderfully.

What a picturesque venue. Sunny, cloud-streaked skies. Warm but not uncomfortable. Big lazy pillows of clouds spread out over the idyllic Ridge Creek course. We definitely cashed in a few favors with the weather gods who provided fantastic light and shadowy dimension for our pristine green backdrops.

We could hardly neglect to mention the highly capable wedding coordination. In the hands of Olga, the day sailed smoothly and seamlessly. Her staff was amazingly kind, and such a joy to work with.

For the fans of purple, this would have been the event for you! The entire spectrum was well represented, woven together through decor that was perched beautifully at the border of dreamy and sexy. Out of a fantastical realm, to be sure! That’s saying nothing of the awesome Vader, Stormtrooper cufflinks sported by Niko and his groomsmen.

Of course, no wedding really rocks without the right entertainment to keep the party going. That’s exactly what DJs Dave Roberts/Ken Richards of Mobile Sound Productions brought to the fun.

A few moments always stand out. Each wedding delivers one or two unique highlights that make us temporarily forget that this whole day is carefully orchestrated. Moments when reality slips away and we tiptoe into the ethereal.

One of these magical moments was the dance shared by Marisela and her father. It was startlingly clear that this man means so much to her — and that he had long ago been the first to capture her heart.

Okay, enough misty-eyed daydreaming! What kind of couple adorns their reception area with well-loved literary classics AND gives them away to their guests at the end of THEIR special day? Marisela and Nico! So much thought went into the decor, and such a special added touch was breathtaking. Like saying, “Share with us the stories that have help shape us, and you’ll begin to understand who this couple is!”

When we think about how these two met, how they knew right away that they had to occupy each other’s orbit, it’s not the least bit surprising that Marisela’s favorite literary work is The Princess Bride. At face value, the story’s a comically flighty romance. But dismiss it as such and you’ve missed the heart entirely. Its author, William Goldman, never pulled his punches. He’s brutally honest about life, love and the WORK of love. If that says something about the pragmatism and passion that you get from spending some quality time with Marisela and Nico, these two are a lock for lasting love.

Kristin & Eliott~8/18/18~Feature Film

We had such a blast filming this wedding. Everyone was laughing and having so much fun. I’ve never heard more jokes in one speech. Kristin’s Dad killed it…just awesome. It was just all around a wonderful experience and we’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to capture it. 

Venue: Avila Beach Resort

Plannin & Coordinating:  Lisa Muir

Groom Tux & Bridesmaids Dresses: Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear

Rentals: SLO Party Rentals

Floral: Elegant Details ~ Floral and Event Design

DJ: Muir Music DJ Service

Photography: Jake and Necia Photography

Cinematography: Fox Jump Cinematics

Hair & Makeup: Kindred: A Beauty Collective

Catering: Fire and Wine Catering

Bakery:  Bri’s Sweet Retreat

Heidi & Gordon~9/7/18~Teaser I

This was a sneak peak of a wedding we did not too long ago in Yosemite National Park. Heidi and Gordon, thank you for the wonderful opportunity. It was an honor to be a part of your day. Honestly was such a treat. It was the first time I had every been to Yosemite California and the trip did not disappoint. We had the opportunity to stay in a cute little inn, close to the venue, with trees everywhere. It reminded me a lot of Zion National Park but without all the red rock. Regardless, it was absolutely breathtaking and I hope to go again soon.

*Thank you to all the vendors that helped make our job easier. You’re all amazing, and we appreciate your hospitality. If I forget anyone, please let me know.

Vendor & catering: Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Makeup & Hair: Blush

Hair: Grace D & Jessie T Reed

Band: Lucky Devils Band

Ceremony Music: Eva ScowTom Scott

Photography: The Hearns Photography

Cakes and Flowers: Sweet Dreams Cakes & Flowers

Dress: Allure Bridals

Photobooth: Smiley Photo Booths

Videography: Fox Jump Cinematics

Kristin & Eliott Teaser II

This was such a fun wedding to film! Yes, there were some really tender moments, but the main take away from the whole day was how enjoyable this group of people were to work with and be around. From Kristin’s awesome laugh to her Father cracking joke after joke during his speech, we couldn’t help but have a constant smile on our face.

Now I’ve known Kristin a long time (Who looked beautiful by the way! Thank you Kindred: A Beauty Collective!), and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to film her wedding to Eliott. Eliott was so cool and collected, you can see why Kristin loves him so much; and it is easy to see that he is equally as in love with her. My favorite part about this whole experience was hearing him tell the story of how he proposed…at Hearst Castle…and it was hot…and I’ll let him tell it, should you ever cross paths; so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling, my cheeks hurt.

The Venue, Avila Beach Golf Resort, was amazing. Tons of space with green and blue all around. The whole event went off without a hitch, thanks to the planning and coordinating by Lisa Muir. The Dj, Scott Muir (Lisa’s Husband) with Muir Music DJ Service, was so nice and accommodating when it came to capturing audio from his equipment. Thank you Scott! I’m glad to call you both new friends. The Floral arrangements by Elegant Details ~ Floral and Event Design, when so so beautifully with the black & gold color scheme of the wedding, I had trouble keeping my jaw closed! It was so neat to work in black into a wedding and have it look gorgeous. Nice work SLO Party Rentals. The Catering, Fire and Wine Catering, was delicious. And to top the night off, Bri’s Sweet Retreat provided some amazing and adorable desserts.

Special Thanks to the Photography Team, Jake and Necia Photography. It was a pleasure working with you both and we truly hope to cross paths again soon. Thank you for being easy to work with and I’m so happy we got to collaborate on some fun moments. You’re much appreciated.

Till next time…

Natalie & Grant~9/15/18

This was our first time visiting beautiful Petaluma California! We had so much fun. Honestly, one of the most refreshing wedding’s we’ve had the privileged to film. Natalie and Grant were amazing and so laid back it was wonderful.

The day began at the Hotel Petaluma with Natalie getting ready for the big day. Her family was so kind, and even though the Bride prep room was kind of packed, they were so accommodating and so nice. We didn’t film any of the dress stuff at the hotel but we did get some stunning shots of the Groom’s suit with the Hotel’s stunning architecture in the background. By the end of prep, Natalie looked absolutely GORGEOUS, thanks to the amazing, and talented Danielle Denton. Next time we visit that hotel, I hope we’re making a short film because the ambiance screams Cinema.

The rest of the day played out rather smoothly. The venue, Olympia’s Valley Estate, was soooo adorable and quaint. Just such a beautiful place to get married! Natalie and Grant, naturally, wed by the willow tree surrounded pond. Aside from the wind, I have no complaints (however, the wind made for some really neat slow-motion shots, so I’m not complaining that much hehe). The ceremony was beautiful, and we captured some of the best toast angles we’ve ever gotten. I’m so confident that the finished product is going to be so good! Can’t wait!

We got to work with a brilliant photography team: Justin Jay Photography and his second Leo Cabal. I kept telling these guys that they should start a YouTube channel because they were so fun to watch when dealing with the Bride and Groom. So funny and so energetic, I was in aw. The food was amazing and Park Avenue Catering was so good about getting all of us food and making sure we had enough to eat. I love it when caterers look out for fellow vendors; kinda melts my heart. It goes without saying that what made this wedding so beautiful was largely due to a fantastic coordinating team headed by Katy Lohse and Bravo Weddings. The Floral arrangements by B-Side Farm were fantastic. At the end of the night, everyone enjoyed some sweet goodies by Supreme Sweets and DJ Wayne Noel rocked the night away with some amazing music.

Our First Blog Post!

Hey Internet! This is our first blog post for Fox Jump Cinematics. I wanted to start us off by sharing a sneak peak of our most recent wedding with Jamie and Hunter at the Pavillion on the Lake, in Atascadero California! It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so fortunate to be a part of it. It’s always fun to see two people so in love, and with so many cool nuances to their adorable relationship. Working on the central coast, we get the privilege to work with some fantastic vendors; And this event was no exception. Special thanks to Gyh Hair , Central Coast Party Helpers, Olive Garden, Lorena Manzo, Bruce with Epic Entertainment, Jespersen Flowers, and Photography by Kim. Every single one of them made our job, that much more enjoyable and we hope to work with them again shortly.