Ciara & Mike

Greengate Ranch & Vineyard, San Luis Obispo California

I was going to open with a testament to the beauty of Green Gate Ranch & Vineyard during the month of August. But let’s be honest — the place is pure charm 365 days a year. It’s a sprawling setting that wraps itself around a hillside perch, from which one can see out over the San Luis Obispo valley and then some.

The Ciara & Mike Hewitt family was as gracious as any we’ve encountered in recent memory. It was a ceremony that tugs at your heart strings, especially if you’re nostalgic for the old country. Steeped in Irish tradition with blessings and brogue, we were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to share in the joining of two lovely people. Enormous credit goes to Jessa for pursuing this unforgettable connection.

Special thanks to Kramer Events for putting on a brilliantly planned wedding.