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We now take you to a love story already in progress

This is going to be a bit taboo, considering the overwhelming use of the following catchphrase in our profession. But bear with me. We aren’t telling a love story. We aren’t crafting a love story, nor are we storytellers. Not fundamentally. This story — your story, your love — started long before you met us. Our privilege is in memorializing this bonding of souls. Our talent is in making the experience as cinematic as it feels to two lovers in love. If you ask us, your story was already foretold; some would say it’s written into the fabric of our universe.

It might be more accurate to say we’re in the business of creative preservation. Sure, that’s not as catchy as storyteller. But years from now, when your grandkids start entertaining their own notions of love — when they ask mom and dad how grandma and grandpa make it work so well — this Wedding Film will resurface. Dusted off and scanned into the holodeck thingy only the kids know how to operate. We’ll take them back to a day when two people committed life and love to one another, and danced and cried and got really drunk. In love, of course. (Never mind that bottle of cinnamon-flavored whiskey the Best Man taped his GoPro to and “forced” everyone to guzzle). Fox Jump Cinematics remains your purveyors of immersion — for the love stories already in progress.

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As Seen on The Knot

We are freaking out over here! You captured our love of family beautifully. We are beyond excited about our video and were blown away by your work ethic.

Amy & Garrett

We just watched the video! Oh my goodness! You did such an amazing job telling the story of the day and the anecdotes from our friends and family weaves so perfectly together! Thank you! We’re so excited to share it!!

Carlie & Ian

I am speechless. Like in tears, runny nose, red eyes…speechless.No like I can’t even believe it. I can’t even begin to thank you guys so much for this beautiful memory. This is absolutely incredible.

Jenna & Chad

You captured this moment PERFECTLY! Along with the whole day. Thank you so much for your tremendous work! I’ve watched it so many times and every time, I get so emotional. Your eye for details is amazing. We love it all!

Gladys & Colin

WOW! Wow you guys, this is truly amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put in to it. It truly does show and is beautiful!! It’s something Grant and I will cherish forever. We can’t thank you enough for this.

Natalie & Grant

Thank you for putting the video together we really love it and are so thankful that we get to relive one of the best days of our lives.

Chantal & Derek

Wow, you guys did absolutely amazing and we are thrilled with the final product. We cannot thank you enough! Thank you so much!

Alyson & Zane

DUDE!!! That was SO AMAZING!!! I can’t stop watching it!!!! Sasha & Ben

It’s so good! We LOVE it!! Kristin & Eliott

Ughhh so many happy tears. I love it SO much! I’m ecstatic with how everything turned out! Thank you thank you thank you!

Caylin & Sean

OMG this is so perfect!!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Oh my goodness, Colton! This is amaaaazing! It totally captures the magic of the whole day perfectly!! I keep watching it over and over. I can’t tell you enough how gratful we are fo you, and your whole team! We’re so happy!! Heather & Jacob

We Just watched it and we have no words…truly amazing! You captured the day perfectly and I literally could not stop crying! A million thank you’s!

Melissa & Mitch

We just watched it!!!!!!! And I am crying!!!!!!!!! It is such a beautiful keepsake from that day!!!!! You all were so wonderful to work with and we cannot be more thankful and grateful to be able to have that forever.

Jenna & John

We LOVE it! We have watched it multiple times! Thank you so much. It’s absolutely perfect! Salina & Ryan

AW I love it!! Thanks so much!! You did an amazing job! Elicity & John

“It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, a video is worth a thousand emotions, a thousand memories and a thousand tears. Nothing compares to being able to look back and see the movements, facial expressions and fluid experience of a time passed like a video.”