Colton & Jessa

Hey there! I’m Colton and this is Jessa and we’re Fox Jump Cinematics. We’re a “Husband and Wife” videography team based out of Central California in beautiful San Luis Obispo.

Plain and simple, we want to tell your story. If it’s important to you, we want to capture it. It’s not our story we’re telling, it’s yours, and you’re the main characters of your journey

With our attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality, let us give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your most precious day.


Everything In House

Our couples mean everything to us. From start to finish, we do it all. We don’t outsource any steps of the creative process (shooting or editing). We don’t say this as a brag but more as an assurance that you know all the love and care possible is going into one of your most precious heirlooms. When you hire Fox Jump Cinematics, you’re getting Fox Jump Cinematics through and through.

Cinematic Wedding Film

Unlike your typical ‘Highlight Film,’ our ‘Cinematic Wedding Films’ are focused on telling your best story, and your story deserves more than just a fancy music video of your wedding.  The Cinematic Wedding Films are all content driven in length. Every story is different, so we stop creating once your story feels finished.

Teaser Trailer

More like a ‘Highlight Film.’ These are mini trailers we make shortly after the wedding so you can show your friends and family.

Full Ceremony Video

We will absolutely capture the full Ceremony and Toasts, and our goal is always to put as much of those events as possible in the ‘Cinematic Wedding Film;’ that pushes the narrative forward. However, all of the Ceremony may not make it into the final cut. That’s where the Ceremony Video comes in. This gives you a complete replay of the ceremony from start to finish, edited for clarity and ease of watching, so you can relive every moment and every word said.

Reception Toasts Video

Much like the ‘Ceremony Video,’ the Toasts video serves as a play-by-play of the Reception Toasts, as they happened, with every word.

Aerial Coverage

Where safe and permissible.

Raw Footage

We’re happy to give you the Raw Footage. Ask for more details.

*Travel fees may apply. Please ask for more details

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