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It’s no secret. Love follows innumerable forms. It doesn’t always beg for grandiosity. Nowhere is it written that love is compelled to shout itself from rooftops. After all, love is the richest when concentrated. When it’s between just two souls, two beating hearts; to entwine the spirits for whom the story is written. It’s safe to say… even a close-knit love can reach the stars.

On May 4, 2019, Jennifer & Brett exchanged vows, each intoning, “…I love you to the moon and back.” These incomparably sweet pair were married in the Vosseller family’s backyard in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Beloved Coordination. Jennifer’s Moondance Bridal gown was stunning – intricately detailed with woven lace. The dress was complemented by a beautifully beaded belt from Untamed Petals; with shoes by Bagley Mischka.

Bridesmaid makeup was crafted by Amanda Nicole Miller of Twig & Arrow Salon.

The backyard event was no less lovely and earnest than a formal venue. The setting lent an intimate vibe enriched by polished rustic, earthy stylings – a big reason for which was showings by All About Event Rentals and florals by Flowers by Kim, the latter of whom has volumes of experience and is renowned on the Central Coast. Paige Weller provided the lovely calligraphy. A little violin and guitar added the musical trimmings to the ceremony.

Felisha Connolly was the lovely and talented wedding photographer. A close friend of Jennifer’s, she was warm and deeply attentive to detail. We loved her!

Because of its centralized location amid some of California’s preeminent wine appellations, the ceremony featured a break so guests, family, and friends could take in a little tasting! Such a nice touch, and a great reminder that sometimes we take for granted what a paradise we live in. On the other hand, these folks didn’t take it for granted at all. They took advantage of it! Coupled with wonderful catering by Zest it Up, guests didn’t want for a thing.

A decidedly family affair, the ceremony featured a number of contributions from the youngsters—the two boys acting as ring bearers were the officiant’s sons; the flower girl was Jennifer’s adorable niece. Speaking of the officiant, Mr. Othman was a long-time close friend of the family and his shepherding of the ceremony was deeply personal to Jennifer & Brett.

Of course, no wedding is a wedding if it’s not a party. And it’s definitely a party when the man, the myth, the legend himself is on hand. Personally responsible for more damaged dance floors and risen roofs than almost anyone on the Central Coast, DJ Bob, his lustrous lights and swanky new rig were on the scene. No, that’s not accurate. He brought the scene!

And what’s a party without bar services by Bottles & Ice and dessert by Sugar Lips! For those in need of a dessert dealer–and an undaunted desire to OD in doughnut decadence, look no further. Their mobile service has led us to the conclusion that heaven can be eaten.

“I Love You To The Moon & Back”. This deeply touching catchphrase by Jennifer & Brett—engraved inside Brett’s Baxter Moerman wedding band—symbolizes more than just the vast distance their love will reach. It’s a touching gesture that will carry their relationship even when they’re apart. After all, if they need reassurance, they need only look up.