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We journey to the 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos. Set amid quintessential Central Coast sprawling oaks and rolling golden plains, the town of Los Alamos is a postcard from the stagecoach era. The hotel’s owners and operators have done wonders giving the hotel a dual vibe — one that’s impossible to imagine without feasting eyes upon. Part saloon, part rustic chic, it’s a place to lose yourself in western enchantment without getting your shoes dusty.

I know I say this a lot — we adored this couple. Sweet and filled with His presence, Jessica & Glenn showed us a graciousness that we’ll not soon forget. Even at the end of his whirlwind day, Glenn bid us goodbye with a hug of such enthusiasm and warmth, I was left very nearly awestruck.

1880 Union Hotel runs its weddings program mostly in-house. Its coordination by Jessica, as well as catering & bar service, were staffed and executed proficiently. They’ve done countless of these events, but manage to adorn each with a decidedly unique touch.

Jessica loves the colors of fall — who doesn’t? As it happens, her burgundy, blue, pinks and fall tones offered a splendid compliment to the Union itself as well as its lovely grounds. Huge praise is further deserved by Christina Welsh Floral, whose arrangements were breathtaking.

The girls had hair and makeup done by Fairytale Hair & Makeup, a company operating all over the west; and one that lives up to its reputation for making clients look like fairytale princesses lifted from the imagination.

Jessica’s dress was by Allure Bridals. It loved the camera! What a stunning, classical gown and a perfect compliment to the fairytale motif. Her bridesmaids wore TFNC London. Quite lovely as well!

Jewelry was provided by Shreve & Co., and the weddings rings were crafted by James Allen Rings.

Entertainment was DJ Rob with Epic Entertainment. A solid brand with a solid reputation, Rob was instrumental (sorry for the pun) in keeping the dance floor hopping well into the night.

Desserts crafted for the sugary dance floor supercharge came to us from Little Things Bakery of Santa Barbara.

The day’s officiant was family friend, Brad Erickson. His personal mentorship of Jessica & Glen was deeply felt as he wove the spiritual (and legal) bonds of matrimony in a lovely ceremony.

If I’ve left the photography team of Staci & Michael Photography until last, it’s because I want to make special note of their professionalism and creativity. We not only so look forward to working with them again, but I can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed feeding off their skill and attention to detail. It also bears mention that because of a tightly run schedule, we were afforded the opportunity to come up with some additional cinematic magic that did wonders to enhance this couple’s romance. Big thanks to Stacy & Michael Photography for their fluidity in the field!

Jessica & Glenn exude an earnestness and idealism that we find in short supply these days. Their joined love is just as energetic as its individual parts. They were excited to be there. Excited for their union, and eager for the promise of a future entwined as partners in matrimony. We can’t thank them enough for — in one day — reminding us to continually cherish life’s most important gifts.