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Smooth sailing Bakersfield. May 11, 2019, delivered the team at Fox Jump Cinematics to the sunny, humid valley for the wedding of Kaylee & Jay. This was a grand backyard affair. The euphemism salt of the earth gets thrown around a lot. In recent years, it’s drifted off-course from what it really means. Kaylee & Jay are a couple who seem to have an inherent understanding that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Sweet, hilarious and never taking themselves too seriously, we could all take a page out of their playbook.

Kaylee started her day with a whole entourage of bridesmaids at the beautifully renovated historic Padre Hotel. If you’ve never had the chance to stay at (or even just walks through) the Padre, you’re missing out. The iconic hotel at 18th & H has been around since 1928 and features prominently against the rapidly gentrifying skyline of Bakersfield.

Krista, Kaylee’s sister and Maid of Honor, did Kaylee’s makeup. The dress was a Galina by David’s Bridal, mermaid-style with lovely touches of lace and low back that showcased a significant tattoo of a compass shared by Kaylee & her father. Alterations for the dress were done to exquisite effect by Sew Elegant Bridal Alterations. Rings were of beautiful stone and opalescent stonework by the blacksmith, Tyler Dewitt’s Riverdale Forge Artist Blacksmith, of Toronto.

The fellas got ready on-location at the private residence where the wedding took place. The backyard was huge and lovely. The wedding planners, Blazeny, a mother/daughter team and their great staff were attentive and exceptionally talented. Walker-Lewis Rents was the purveyor for rentals and even came through with a classy tent on short notice. Signs were hand-created by Nanette Art + Design.

There were two very special First Looks, the first between Kaylee & Jay, the second between Kaylee and her father, after which came to an exchange of gifts. It was a deeply emotional moment for everybody. Even the guys were wet-eyed by the end.

At the event, we had the opportunity to two beside not just one, but two talented photographers and close friends, Melissa and Miranda. Each had her respective company, Melissa Brannon Photography, and Miranda Munoz Photography. Kaylee knew and had worked with Melissa and Miranda separately in the past, so she knew she wanted to have both at her wedding. We had a great time working together with them.

The ceremony was presided over by a family grandfather, Tom Everett.

Live music came courtesy of Lonely Avenue, a full band performing a mix of originals and covers. They were an awesome addition to the intimate backyard affair.

What a genuine, authentic couple. These are two people who make an earnest effort to thoroughly inhabit the present. They played off each other so well, each unafraid to be theatrical and silly to make somebody laugh. Or even to just crack themselves up. Kaylee is no stranger to adversity. She’s emerged from some of the incredible challenges life has served up, is a respected mental health advocate and just plain comfortable in her skin. Such admirable qualities. Jay is every bit the complement to his bride. Whether the two of them were shotgunning a beer or doing a keg stand or executing a flawlessly orchestrated first-dance, Kaylee & Jay were the types of people you want as friends. We wish them the greatest happiness in their marriage.