Both a Fire and a Pandemic won’t stop these two! ⁣🔥🌲😷

Meredith & Chris reached out to us long before we knew a pandemic would be happening. As the date ticked closer we prepared everything we could to make this day happen. Including securing the limited tickets to get into the park. Talk about a strange phenomenon to be in. Yosemite was practically empty! But this was not the only challenge Chris and Meredith would overcome. A fire erupted a month out and every day we watched and prayed that we would still be able to enter the park. ⁣

Well, the day finally came and aside from a decent amount of smoke Glacier Point rd and Yosemite Valley were still open to us. ⁣
I must say driving up to Washburn point before sunrise was breathtaking, and even more so as the smoke and clouds allowed for a most beautiful sunrise and Meredith and Chris said their vows of love to one another! ❤️⁣

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into Meredith and Chris’s FANTASTIC ELOPEMENT! 🌅✨⁣

Elopement team!⁣

Officiant // Donny Alexander //  @donnyalexander1
Photo // Kate Michelle Photography //  @katemichelleyosemite
Florals // Urban Marigold //  @urbanmarigold
Dress // Dan Jones Label //  @danjoneslabel for Loho Bride@loho_bride