We now take you live to a love story already in progress!

This is going to be a bit taboo, considering the overwhelming use of the following phrase in our profession.  But bear with me.  We aren't telling a love story.  We aren't crafting a love story.  We're not storytellers.  Not necessarily.  This story -- your story -- your love -- started long before you met us.  Our privilege is in memorializing this bonding of souls.  Our talent is in making the experience as cinematic as it FEELS to two lovers in love.  If you ask us, your story was already foretold; some would say it was written in the stars before you even met.  Certainly well before we popped up!

It might be more accurate to say we're in the business of creative preservation.  Sure, that's not as fanciful as storyteller.  But years from now, when your grandkids start entertaining their own notions of love -- when they ask mom and dad how grandma and granddad make it work so well -- this video will resurface.  Dusted off and scanned into the holodeck thingy only the kids know how to use.  We'll take them back to a day when two people committed their lives and love to one another, and danced and cried and got really, really drunk.  In love, of course.  (Never mind that bottle of cinnamon flavored whiskey the Best Man taped his GoPro to and "forced" everyone to guzzle).  Fox Jump Cinematics remains your purveyors of immersion -- for those love stories already in progress.